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Product title:The human body static electricity releasing alarm SP-AAC-TV-500D-III

  • Product detail:

    The human body static electricity releasing alarm SP-AAC-TV-500D-III

    Product Description

    The utility model relates to a static release eliminator for human body, which is suitable for inflammable, explosive and
    antistatic places

    Features: reasonable electrostatic discharge resistance of human body, reasonable and effective control of static release of human
    body, extended release time, is the release of static electricity,

    At the same time to detect whether the body and the electrostatic touch ball is reliable, sound and light alarm to indicate
    whether the electrostatic elimination is finished.

    Size Information


    1. Touch balls are made of electrostatic sub-conductors to ensure safe use.
    2. Ultra-low energy consumption design, 3.6 volt lithium battery power supply, no power supply.
    3. Detection of human body voltage, more than 150V alarm.
    4. Acousto-optic indicators of the process and results of electrostatic release: red light indicates the process of electrostatic release. The green light indicates the end of electrostatic discharge.
    5. Individual grounding wire monitoring design to ensure reliable grounding. Grounding anomaly: yellow light flashing. The    buzzer blew loudly.
    6. LCD display electrostatic voltage value;

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